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A Fast Way to Apply Styles in InDesign

Posted in InDesign

If you apply a lot of paragraph and character styles in a document and want a faster way to apply them, watch this vid tip. This vid tip will show you how to apply styles to text using Quick Apply in Adobe InDesign.

Find Where a Color is Used in InDesign

Posted in InDesign

Working with color in InDesign can try your patience at times. Especially when you see a color in the Swatches panel and don't know were it's used in the document. This vid tip will show you how to find out exactly where a color is being used in the document, whether it's in a frame or for text.

The Secret to Setting Default Units

Posted in InDesign

This vid is shows a quick and easy way to set the rulers and units for every new document you create. This is a simple tip, but a must for starting out in InDesign, so that every new document you create has those same units set.

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