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Create an easy image grid layout

Posted in InDesign

InDesign CS4 allows you to select a series of images and place them in a grid layout using nothing but keyboard commands. This is a great way to make a contact sheet full of images. You can then add image text to each as you see fit.

Time Saving Drawing Shortcuts in Illustrator

Posted in Illustrator

Drawing is an essential part of working with Illustrator, and it's important to know how to save time when drawing as well. This tip vid will show you most of the widely used shortcuts for drawing with the shape tools (rectangle, ellipse, star, etc.).

The Trick to an Opacity Mask in Illustrator

Posted in Illustrator

Masking is thought of as hard in Illustrator, but if you learn the proper steps to create one, it really is pretty easy. This vid tip will show you how to create an opacity mask, which allows you to add a gradient to the mask to have the object "fade" like a reflection.

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